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Since we have moved to GitHub, please refer to the following for the latest information. Chrome version has also been released.

This extension allows open URL with the shortcut key.

"startup key (default Ctrl + "."(period) )"->" key corresponding to each URL" of the corresponding URL.

Three kinds of the following can be specified for a method of opening URL, and a flexible setting according to each usage is possible.

  • Open current active tab
  • Open new tab
  • If same URL (agreement forward) already exists, the tab is activated. It opens as a new tab in case of not being.

The registration of URL can be easily registered by pressing the icon of ShortcutKey2URL that exists in the right of the address bar with the page that wants to register opened.

It is also possible to register as http/https/javascript and chromescript.

chromescript is running on chrome context.

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The icon of ShortcutKey2URL is displayed in the part in the address bar when installing it.


When this icon is clicked with the page that wants to open with the shortcut key displayed, an additional screen of the shortcut key is displayed. (It is possible to add it even by "startup key" -> "Enter". )


add dialog

The content of the input is as follows.

key As assign shortcut keys (such as a special function key is not yet compatible)
name Name. This item is optional.
url Open URL. You can also specify bookmarklet.
open method How to open URL. You can choose from the following three types.
However, it is executed for an active tab as well as "selected tab" now even if any is selected when url starts by "javascript:" (bookmarklet).
  • 「search previously opened tab」
    The tab is activated if same URL (agreement forward) already exists, and it opens as a new tab in case of not being. It is very convenient because it comes never to open same URL in two or more tabs.
  • 「new tab」
    It opens as a new tab.
  • 「selected tab」
    It opens to an active tab now.

It can also add shortcut key on the context menu.

add page

add link

Corresponding URL can be opened by pressing the key registered as the following key after the start key to ShortcutKey2URL (Default is Ctrl+".") is pressed. The start key is pressed, and the color of the icon of ShortcutKey2URL of the address bar changes at the state of can the acceptance of the shortcut key corresponding to URL. Validity term is five seconds.


When "Show list of shortcut key by startup key." is checked on a setting screen, the list of the shortcut key is displayed.

list of shortcut key

The start key to ShortcutKey2URL can be changed with startup key of a setting screen of ShortcutKey2URL. Warning is displayed when overlapping with other shortcut keys here.


A set screen of ShortcutKey2URL can be opened by tool > ShortcutKey2URL or "startup key" -> "startup key".

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